– Music theory examines the very essence of music, from how it functions to the elements of which it is composed. Knowing about music theory is essential not only to gain a better understanding of music, but to make a career as a musician, music teacher or academic in the field, especially if you want to go on to get a master’s degree or other higher degree. Here you’ll find a great collection of blogs that will let you learn more about music theory, from the absolute basics to innovative ways to apply these ideas to composing and performance.

Just like last year, the Fnac will share some of its kudos and musical discoveries to the audience, without forgetting the new releases and the headliners… In brief, all the artists supported and loved by the Fnac will share the open-air stage of the Festival Fnac Live, from 20 to 23 July 2016, for about 30 free outdoor concerts ! Remember, 5 years ago, the Fnac decided cause surprise by changing the concept of its live summer evenings.

The Festival Fnac Indétendances used to take up its summer quarters on the City Hall during 4 consecutive weeks (at the same time as Paris Plages), but wanted to change the concept back in 2011 by sending in a new name – Fnac Live – and a shorter version with only 4 straight nights. When faced with something unrelenting, the only way to survive is to be just as relentless yourself. When tragedies keep coming – heartbreak, death, diagnosis, injustice – you must go on as well.

You do not have to do it perfectly or prettily, to remain dignified or dry-eyed. You can just be. Beaten-up, heartbroken, hopeless even – still, go on. Still go on. I think using sights like Rapidshare is slightly unprofessional & much more likely to be distributed as a free link in a post (which is fine if that’s your goal). I personally like the idea of hosting things yourself so you know how many downloads are going on & such. I do think it is very important to let a reviewer know if you are turning them on to a release to be freely distributed or you are turning them on to something that is for sale (& if so where & how) & if you have a physical product you should let a blogger opt in either for free or deep discount copy if they don’t do downloads.

The Old-Time Tiki Parlour is an atomic-era destination complete with wooden tikis, strange folk art, weird curios, palm trees and a variety of old-time string instruments. Since 2009, it has served as the concert, workshop, jam, film, internet and instructional epicenter for old-time music around Los Angeles and beyond. The catalog of recordings is small but already impressively loaded with respected tradition bearers from all across America.

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